Home and Subway Art

We are home, and in the usual post vacation frenzy! We picked up all three fur babies yesterday afternoon, celebrated Christmas a little bit more, and crashed around 10:00 p.m. I am now in the midst of the laundry rodeo, and decided to sit down and share some final thoughts and images.

I mentioned in several posts that we had taken the subway, and truly the NY subway system is amazing. I am pretty sure the entire city would shut down if anything ever stopped the subway. It’s a little surreal to think of using a system of travel that is over 100 years old! You see a little bit of everything in the subway stations, and certainly some are more elaborate than others. They are filthy, there are rats, musicians perform, the homeless seek shelter and handouts, and yet they are beautiful, hustling little microcosms of humanity. Glancing down a track before a train arrives does not even scratch the surface of the system’s vastness.

We usually ended up on some version of the R Train. What also struck me was the amazing variety in the art of the subway tiles in each station and stop. It’s truly amazing, and I regret that I did not capture more of it. Many stops, and I only saw in passing, or briefly as door opened and closed, and it was simply too difficult to snap a photo. However, I did manage a few..

The station we saw the most, was Astor, as it was the one closest to the apartment.

The next couple of images are taken from a beautiful little book titled, One Track Mind by Phillip Ashford Copolla. Copolla is an artist that began sketching the subway stations of NY in 1978. He self-published an encyclopedia of this work titled, Silver Connections. There is a 2005 documentary on Copolla and this work also titled, One Track Mind. You can find a copy of Silver Connections in the New York Public Library, but this little book I have takes small portions of it and presents it in a beautiful and easily enjoyed smaller copy. Here is an image of his pages dedicated to Astor station.

The entire book is detailed like this, and there are even images of his original sketches on the final few pages. I highly recommend this little gem to anyone who has, or will visit New York, history buffs, or art lovers.

That’s all on this recent New York adventure. I can’t wait to see where the next journey takes us.


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