Final Day’s Explorations…

When Mauro first planned this trip, I thought “that’s a long trip! What are we going to do with ourselves?” However, these five 1/2 days have flown by, and we’ve had to drop some items from our list, because we simply could not fit them in.

We started this day exploring the High Line. I just cannot day enough about this new urban park built on an old raised rail bed. It is stunning- even in the winter. I imagine it is even more so when the plants are in bloom. It’s a must visit for the city.

Olivia found a couple little sweet treasures to take home.

A little bit of extra green to enjoy.

They even have several art installations along the line.

We left the High Line to find some lunch, and I finally had my NY pizza!!

Our next stop had me giddy as a child-The New York Public Library’s Main Branch!! Oh My Goodness, I was in librarian heaven.

Answering questions. It’s what librarians do.

I love the fire hoses tucked in the wall.

They had a small exhibit of A Christmas Carol by Dickens. The exhibit included notes made by Dickens and original copies.

I also loved the menorah standing beside the Christmas tree.

Another iconic building, but this one is still very active in the community. The outreach and resources available from this library system are awesome.

I have to admit I did not make it out without visiting the library store and doing some damage. At least I received the librarian discount!

We made our way from the library to Grand Central Station. This was one of the musts on the list of the architecture student. We roamed a bit, and then took our final subway journey back to the apartment from Grand Central Station.

It’s been a fantastic visit. Tomorrow we fly back to Savannah, and finish our Christmas 2018 journey.


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