Brooklyn, Bridges, & Remembering…

Christmas Day was quiet and relaxing. We did not get going until around 1:00, but neither did anyone else, apparently, because the streets were empty and silent until around noon.

We decided to explore Brooklyn a little bit, so it was off to grab that R train once again.

This was a set of container homes being designed for help after major disasters. It’s a fast way to provide shelter for populations hit by major storms.

It’s a beautiful area down around the bridges, and we managed to find a little restaurant open for a nice lunch. We popped into Peas And Pickles to buy a little soup to take back for dinner, and made our way back to the apartment.

Before heating the soup, Mauro and I made our way to the 9/11 Memorial. Olivia opted to stay behind. She was only a baby when 9/11 changed the world, and feels no connection to it. Frankly, she has zero memory of life before the attack.

The memorial is beautiful and touching. The sound of the rushing water in each pool is peaceful. It’s a huge juxtaposition with the actual events of that fateful day.

The white roses are placed to signify a Birthday. It’s a sweet and touching gesture done daily, and it really humanizes the names carved in the stone.

After several minutes of reflection and reading names, Mauro and I made our way back to the subway and our little apartment. A dinner of warm soup and a fun movie while lounging in PJ’s rounded out our Christmas Day celebration. Tomorrow will be our final day in the city. I already feel we are out of time to see everything on our list!!


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