A Holiday Market & Central Park

Christmas Eve! How is it possible that Christmas is here already, and 2018 will soon be added to our collections of memories? We spent this morning enjoying the festivities and treats of the Union Square Holiday Market. I love a good market, and this one did not disappoint. Olivia and I both walked away with special treasures, and we also snagged a great looking pumpkin loaf to enjoy Christmas morning.

Mauro could not resist a little surprise for Caterina.

And Olivia could not resist saying hello to these sweet kitty babies.

Even the local dogs are in their Holiday finest for the market!

Santa loves a good market, too!

We left Union Square happy and full of the holiday spirit, dropped our treasures off at the apartment, and then grabbed a subway train to Central Park. By this time, the sun had disappeared and the wind had picked up considerably, so our stroll through the park was brisk!

Central Park is stunning, no matter the time of year or temperature. Best of all, this time of year they add a skating rink. Even if you’re not feeling brave enough to lace up, it’s fun to watch, and creates a wonderful winter atmosphere.

We’re back in the apartment now and had our Christmas dinner delivered from a place up the street. It was delicious. We’ll find a church later this evening and welcome Christmas with music and the fellowship of total strangers. I’m looking forward to it…


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